KMT Waterjet Cutting Food - Produce, Meats and Much More.

The KMT Waterjet videos shown below, demonstrates the cleanliness (USDA Approved), efficiency and speed of ultra-high pressure, pure water cutting of celery, onions, carrots and lettuce on a food grade conveyor produce cutting system.

KMT Waterjet Systems assists food manufacturers in several ways. KMT has partnered with leading global food processing OEM manufacturers who are ready to design the best waterjet food cutting system for your applications. KMT's ultra high pressure water jet pumps and cutting heads increase productivity, reduce product waste, and improve the efficiency process of cutting food products.  

According to Food Production Daily Magazine, “waterjet technology is one of the fastest growing major machine tool processes in the world due to its versatility and ease of operation.” The use of pure water in waterjet cutting systems capable of cutting at incredible speeds up to Mach 3, has received USDA approval for creating a bacteria free hygienic cutting process method.

Cutting iceberg & romaine lettuce. Extend shelf life. 6:20

Preparing sugar cane for extracting the juices by cutting the stalks with a waterjet either by width, length or at an angle.  3:37

Waterjet cutting crab heads at 200 i/pm and 100 i/pm. 2:18

Cutting onions. No blades, no cross contamination.1:06

Four head conveyor cutting celery. Perfect portion control 1:10

Cutting celery ends with pure water conveyor. 1:15

Cut celery with waterjet. Less strings, clean edges, 3:23